Green Class

September 2019 - July 2020

Welcome to Green Class News page.  Here you can see what exciting things we've been learning throughout the school year. 

March Home Learning

The children in Green class have been very busy on their first week of home learning.  Mr Rodd has been keeping them supplied with lots of work which has included designing Viking shields and houses. As you can see there are some great creations.   The children have been writing poems, making a bug hotel and not forgetting to keep active with Joe Wicks at 9am every morning.   

January 2020

Our topic after Christmas was Water.  The children enjoyed creating the illusion of water by colouring strips horizontally, cutting them vertically and then off-setting each strip to create waves or ripples.  Tim Stevens, from Wessex Water, came to spend an afternoon with us.  He talked about the water cycle and the various items which have been flushed down people's toilets!  He told us how Wessex Water clean dirty water and then each group was given cotton wool, sand and a bottle and asked to filter some very dirty water!  Each group scored 8 out of 10 - no-one achieved the maximum score as the water would not have been safe to drink!  In Science, we have been learning about States of Matter, and exploring solids, liquids and gases.  We investigated how water can change state, which fizzy drink contained the most carbon dioxide and which temperature was best for melting chocolate!  (White chocolate melted quickest in case you were wondering!)

December 2019

December was the month of the General Election, and so Green Class held their very own election in school.  After a visit from a prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Conservative party, we researched who the candidates were in the Yeovil constituency.  We also looked at a summary of the main parties' manifestos.  We all had a Polling Card and went into the Hall to vote.  Mrs Sherrard was the returning officer!  

In Geography, we made our volcanoes erupt using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar!  We also had our performance of 'Santa's On Strike' which everyone enjoyed!

November 2019

After half term, our topic was Volcanoes.  We began this topic by making plasticine models of the Earth.  We learnt about the core, the inner core, the mantle and the crust and used different colours to represent each layer.  We also made papier mache volcanoes using plastic bottles and newspaper.  

October 2019

In October, we made an edible Roman road as a class.  The ingredients were custard creams, Bourbon biscuits, Maltesers, Smarties and custard. 

As part of our instruction writing unit in English, we wrote the recipe for an edible Roman road.  Of course, we had to sample the finished product too!  In our History sessions, we learnt about why the Roman army was so successful and we made Roman shields using red, gold and silver card. We then practised various battle formations in the Hall - the turtle was quite tricky as everyone had to move as one!

Romans Baths School Trip

Green Class had a most enjoyable day at the Roman Baths.  The children collected audio guides and explored the terrace and the museum, before seeing the Great Bath and the changing rooms.  After lunch, they participated in a workshop, led by one of the Education Officers.  During this session, they made mosaics using magnetic tiles, dressed as Romans and investigated artefacts used by the Romans when they visited the Baths. Green Class would like to thank all of the adults that accompanied them on their first school trip of the year!

September 2019

Green Class have had a great start to the new school year!  On Wednesday, Mrs Sherrard officially opened the Primrose Lane Museum.  This contains a selection of Roman artefacts which are on loan to us from the Somerset Heritage Centre in Taunton.  The children predicted what each artefact was and then made a museum guide giving more information about each exhibit. 

n Science, we began our Electricity topic by investigating a range of different appliances.  We thought about whether each appliance was powered by mains or batteries, what its main function was, how it was controlled and identified any possible dangers.  

Green class are having ukulele lessons for 10 weeks. We are being taught by Mrs Bell. Our first lesson was great fun.

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