Rainbow Club 
Today the children in Rainbow club did an assembly to celebrate Armed Forces day. They told us about what it is like to have a family member in the forces and also the different jobs that they all do. The children and Mrs Robinson have worked really hard to create this assembly and the rest of the school really enjoyed it.

Petunia Growing Competition June 2019 

All the children were invited to plant and grow a petunia. They enjoyed watching their plants grow and on Tues 4th June we had some visitors who came to choose the best 10 plants. On Saturday 8th June the 10 plants were taken down to the Wyndham Park hub to be judged. The winner was Kairo. All the children enjoyed this activity and thanks need to be given to Barbara Appleby (School Governor) who organised it all and helped us to get the children involved. Thank you also to Meadfleet who gave funding to support the whole experience.

Pyjamarama Day June 2019 

To celebrate pyjamarama day the children donated £1 each.  We talked about how lucky we all are because we have books at home and school.  The donations will go towards helping children and families who are not so lucky.

We all dressed in our pyjamas and the adults read us a story.

The Dog Trust - March 2019
On Wednesday 13th March, we were lucky to have a visit from Emily from the Dog Trust.  She came in to teach us all about how to treat dogs and how to keep them safe and happy.  Emily did a great assembly where we learned that we should never stroke a dog without asking the owner and how to keep safe if a dog rushes up to us. 
Word Book Day - March 2019
To celebrate World Book Day we were visited by Pete the Poet.  He did a whole school assembly to introduce us to the idea of rhyming.  He then worked with classes and did super rhyming work with them.  Pete was fantastic to work with. On Wednesday 6th March the children dressed up to celebrate World Book Day and we had a focus on rhyme.  Many children chose a nursery rhyme character from a rhyming book. 
Living Eggs - Feb 2019
We had some very special visitors.  They arrived in a special box called an incubator and we had to wait until they were ready to come out.  We were really lucky because after a couple of days they started to hatch and eventually we ended up with ten lovely fluffy chicks.  The children had a great time watching  them grow and we did lots of writing, art work and science work about the life-cycle of a chicken. 
Skipping Workshops - Feb 2019
On Thursday 7th February we all enjoyed a skipping workshop day.  Lizzie Cox delivered exciting and motivating workshops to help the children learn to skip and use skipping ropes for lots of different games.  Midday supervisors and all other staff had training so that we can continue to promote skipping at playtimes and during lessons. 


Harvest Festival - 2018

 Thank you for all your generous donations. We had a super harvest assembly where the children sang harvest songs and also  learned about and discussed what a food bank is and how important they are. The children understood how important it is to be  able to give to those people who aren't always as lucky as we are.


Josef Tucker - Sept 2018

 On Friday 14th September we had a visit from Josef Tucker. He has a special machine that allows him to share stories with the  children. The children were a great audience and enjoyed the stories that they heard. Josef will hopefully be visiting us again.

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