Yellow Class

September 2019 - July 2020

Welcome to Yellow Class news page.  Here you will be able to see what exciting things we've been learning about throughout the school year. 


Week Commencing 1st July 2019

We were really lucky to have a visit from Bucklers Mead sports leaders, who led football activities for us! We learnt new skills and even got to play a match!
In science we have begun to learn about light, focusing on the fact that darkness is the absent of light. We tested out this theory by completing a obstacle course blindfolded. Our partners had to give us very specific instructions, applying maths learning to talk about direction.
We enjoyed making our rag rug using the material sent in from home. we were very proud of our ‘Pieces of Primrose’.
In music we have continued to enjoy our learning with Mrs Collins! This week we had all the instruments out and got an opportunity to learn notes.

Week Commencing 24th June 2019

In PSHE we learnt to tell the difference between risk and danger. We then learnt steps to weigh up whether to take a risk or not, applying this to role play situations.
We all really enjoyed our Egyptian day! In the afternoon we became Egyptian explorers, crawling into Turankahum’s tomb! Inside the tomb we saw canopic jars, Egyptian collars and hieroglyphics. As part of our Egyptian day we also became craftsmen, constructing pyramids out of sugar cubes.
In D.T. we continued to make our Egyptian death masks, decorating the different elements! We made the most of the sunshine, painting outside!

Week Commencing 10th June 2019

In Science we investigated the effects of water resistance on objects.  The children looked at how changing the shape of an object slows or speeds the movement up through water.  

Week Commencing 3rd June 2019

In Science the children used their knowledge of magnets to create games, these included using magnets to move a paperclip around a maze.  In English as part of our book study on The Twitts, the children created their own tricks for Mr and Mrs Twitt to play on each other and coming up with imaginative and funny ideas. 

In ICT the children created animations of their tricks using Purplemash. We finished off the week by celebrating Pyjamarama Day. We all dressed in our Pyjamas and the adults read us a story. 

Week Commencing 20th May 2019

The children had SATs party to celebrate their success in their Secret Agent Training. They enjoyed playing party games and a variety of party food.   On the last day of term the children put into practice their PSHE learning, working as a team to play different board games. 

Week Commencing 13th May 2019

This week in Science we investigated magnet strength by testing how many paperclips each magnet could hold.  In maths we used the pertunias to make pictograms and in PSHE we have been learning to work cooperatively, practising our skills by completing tangram challenges.  We have continued to further our cricketing skills in PE, by beginning to hit a ball with a bat.  

Week Commencing 6th May 2019

This week in Science we investigated magentic and non magnetic materials.  We also spent some time outside playing our Petunias ready for the Community Hub Day. 

Week Commencing 29th April 2019

We had a Yoga teacher visit this week who taught us how to make different poses which included the tree pose. We then got the chance to play games to apply our new skills.  In Science we investigated the effect different surfaces have on the distance a car would travel and in Sing up we learnt new songs and how to change the tone and pitch of our voices. 

To finish off the week we enjoyed a visit from the All Stars Cricket team and practiced our thowing and catching techniques.  

Week Commencing 18th March 2019

This week we have dressed up as our favourite Rainforest animal as part of our Carnival day and we have had parents in to help us create artwork using recycled materials. 

Week Commencing 11th March 2019

This week we had a visit from Dogs Trust and learnt how to care for dogs and what to consider before getting one.  We were excited to start our new vocab sessions sharing the new words we learnt and what they meant to the rest of the class.  These words included disruptive, eerie and chandelier. 

Week Commencing 4th March 2019

We had a visit from Pete the Poet who inspired us to create poems and rhyme, at the end of the week we were able to share our english writing of rhyming poetry with him.  This fitted in well with World Book Day where we dressed up as Rhyme and Story.  

Living Eggs provided 10 eggs which we watched hatch over the period of a week. We were then able to hold the new chicks and watch them grow before they left and went to a new home.  

Week Commencing 25th February 2019

This week we enjoyed the beautiful weather and going outside to closely observe and draw flowers. 

In English we learnt how to recite poetry, remembering poems off by heart and using our tone, pace and body language to help us perform to the rest of the class.  Later on in the week, we also performed these in front of Red Class who greatly enjoyed this experience. 

In Geography we have been exploring the different layers of the Rainforest and the animals that live there.  

In Maths we were the first class to use Mathletics, a new on line learning tool.  We are looking forward to using this more in school. 

Week Commencing 11th February 2019

The children studied a selection of food and plants stating what they were and what part of the plant they came from.  

In Geography the children used the cardboard sent in by parents to create a 3D representation of the layers of the Rainforest.

In Maths the children have been learning the names of 3D shapes and their properties. 

Week Commencing 4th February 2019

As part of online safety week we acted out different ways in which computers and devices can be used. We also learnt that in order to stay safe on line you need to ask an adult for permission and only to talk to people that you know.  

In Maths we have been learning to name 2D shapes and their properties.  

We had the pleasure of being part of a skipping workshop in which we learnt how to skip individually and in pairs.  We were taught different games and even had a go at double dutch.  

In Geography we tried different foods from the Rainforest in order to become familiar with the resources available to those that live there. Some of these foods included pineapple, grapefruit and mango. 

Week Commencing 28th January 2019

We made the most of the snow this week and were able to play outside before coming in and writing a poem on how the snow felt and what it looked like.  We also created Winter artwork, focusing on creating a skyline similar to the Northern lights. 

Week Commencing 21st January 2019

We have continued to use different materials such as polydrom to create 3D shapes beginning to explore their properties.  

In Art we explored the use of line and shape to create animal pictures.

The other half of the class investigated the conditions needed for plants to grow as part of Science.  This week we planted the seeds.  

Week Commencing 14th January 2019

We have used different materials such as polydrom to create 3D shapes beginning to explore their properties.  

In Science we are investigating the conditions needed for plants to grow.  We planted seeds and took away one of the key factors such as heat for growth.

In Geography the children used clay to create one of the seven continents, we then put these together to create a world map. 

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